Fair Oaks and Concord Apartments

Montgomery County’s Fair Oaks and Concord Apartments sit in a bustling area full of great local gems. Within just a half mile of each other off Route 611, these two communities share dozens of restaurants, bars, parks, and much more.

Area Restaurants

Route 611 is home to many restaurants and bars that are easily accessible for our residents.

Restaurants and Pubs

One thing that you will never struggle to find in this area is a great pizza joint. Less than half a mile from Fair Oaks on Route 611, Tonelli’s Pizza Pub offers a wide variety of favorites from pizza to cheesesteaks. This is a great option for residents who want to stay close by or even order in on movie night.

When you’re looking for more of a pub-style dining option – you have plenty to choose from. P.J. Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant and MaGerks Pub & Grill are two of the area’s highest-rated favorites. P.J. Whelihan’s is conveniently located in the shopping center across the street from Concord and has a sports bar vibe that is perfect for watching games or hanging out with friends. MaGerks also has a similar atmosphere and is located just about a mile from Fair Oaks.

MaGerks Pub, brick building with a black awning. Tons of green bushes and plants hanging on the porch in front of blue sky.
Fair Oaks and Concord are surrounded by a wealth of great restaurants, bars, and breweries.

For those who love walking around to find shopping, bars, and restaurants, York Road in Hatboro has a main street feel that is perfect for that. Here you can find cafes, pizza shops, restaurants, and diners.


Montgomery County is home to many amazing breweries. Right near Fair Oaks and Concord, residents can find three of the area’s favorite craft breweries.

Directly across the street from Fair Oaks is Big Chief Brewing. This is a small, cozy brewery reminiscent of a friend’s house that serves delicious brews.

On York Road in Hatboro, Artifact Brewing is a local gem. With weekly specials, food trucks, and events, Artifact attracts a wide variety of patrons. Through the COVID-19 shutdowns up to now, this brewery has worked hard to build a community of friends and neighbors.

Just a block from Artifact, Crooked Eye serves as another local favorite. If you’re into music and fun events, this is a great place to check out. The house band, known as the Crooked Eye Band, plays alongside many local musicians to create a one-of-a-kind brewery experience.


Though it’s fun to be close to restaurants and breweries, it’s also important to be near your daily necessities.

When residents are in need of groceries, there are several stores to choose from. Right down the street, there is a Giant Food Store with a gas station. This is perfect for when you want to grab some fresh produce or use Giant Direct to have them delivered to your apartment. In the Horsham Gate Shopping Center and across the street, there are great places to get groceries, household items, and home improvement supplies. Here you’ll find a Fresh Market, a Walmart, a Lowes, a PetSmart, and many more.

A grocery store in a brick building with the green letters reading "The Fresh Market"
All of your daily essentials are very close by.

Many Pennsylvanians consider Wawa to be essential in their daily lives. Luckily for residents of Fair Oaks and Concord, there is a large Wawa with a gas pump right between them! This is a great stop when you need to refill your tank, grab a coffee, or a quick meal.

Entertainment and Recreation

In addition to eateries and bars, residents can also find fun, enriching activities to fill their free time.

Parks and Hiking

Fair Oaks Park and Lukens Park are two great spots to explore at any age or ability level. Both parks have paved walking paths and beautiful nature to enjoy.

For more of a hike, you can head to the Horsham Powerline Trail for a bike ride, run, or walk surrounded by greenery and wildlife. The trail consists of six segments that equal over 5 miles and link multiple parks and other points of interest in Horsham Township.

Two parents and two children with helmets on riding bikes on a wooded trail. All smiling and happy.
There are many beautiful trails to hike, bike, and walk.

Local Attractions

Who doesn’t love going to see a movie? Enjoy the smell of warm popcorn and a new movie at the Regal Warrington Crossing cinema.

For history and military buffs, the Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum is right up your alley. The museum has nineteen historical aircrafts on display both inside the building and in the outdoor display area. This is an educational and fascinating place to check out.

Whether you’re looking to blow off steam, meet up with friends, or hang out with the family, you will have a great time at K1 Speed. This indoor go-kart track has all-electric karts for fast racing, a bar to hang out with coworkers or friends, and an indoor arcade for even more entertainment.


Another benefit of living in this portion of Montgomery County is the proximity to Philadelphia. There are many easy ways to get to the city for a fun day out or for business.

If you want to drive to the city, the PA Turnpike is just a short drive down the road. Once you get onto the Turnpike, the city is just a few miles away.

For a more laid-back trip to the city, hop on SEPTA’s Warminster Line which will take you directly to Center City. The two closest stations to Fair Oaks and Concord are the Horsham and Willow Grove stations.

Make This Area Your Home!

Brick building with a picnic table out front. Black shudders on the windows and large bushes and trees in front.
Make Concord or Fair Oaks Apartments your new home!

With endless places to spend your free time and dozens of places to shop for your essentials, Fair Oaks and Concord Apartments are great options for anyone.

If you’re looking for a studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment with many great amenities, Fair Oaks is perfect for you. Schedule your tour of Fair Oaks by calling us at (570) 413-0484 or by visiting our website here.

For those interested in a 2-bedroom apartment in a quiet community, Concord is the place to look. Visit today by calling (215) 974-0214 or visiting this site.