Hatfield Village’s Valentine’s Day Celebration

There are no wrong ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day – but we think that this way is the best!

The team at Hatfield Village Apartments in Hatfield, PA, believes no one should spend Valentine’s Day alone. That’s why they spent part of the day with residents of a local personal care home to share some love and positivity.

Four people, three women and a man, standing and smiling for a picture inside of an assisted living home. Cookies and decorations are sitting on the table in front of them.
Three members of the Hatfield Village team with an employee of the personal care home

Before the visit, the team put together goodie bags with candies and treats to hand out to the residents. They included hand-written Valentine’s Day cards for them to keep. When the team arrived at the facility, they greeted each resident and handed them a goodie bag as well as some delicious cookies to enjoy. Hatfield Village’s Community Manager, JoAnne, read a sweet poem aloud to the residents to conclude the visit.

This was one of many community service events that Hatfield Village has planned for the year. They’re looking forward to expanding their impact on the community and developing a deeper connection with the people around them. As Scully Company’s largest community, Hatfield Village goes above and beyond to ensure they’re making a big impact.

Three boxes of pink frosted sugar cookies on a decorated table in front of a box of red gift bags

Scully Company’s Commitment to Service

This incredible event led by the Hatfield Village team exemplifies Scully Company’s dedication to giving back and serving our communities. We empower our workforce to give more than just their time and talent but also a piece of their heart, through service days and company–sponsored charitable endeavors.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the incredible communities that surround us. It’s our pleasure to give back in any way we can.

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