Even being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while they signed a contract could invalidate the contract, since the signatory was not considered competent at the time. Some seniors or people with disabilities cannot be considered competent, especially when a disease such as dementia is involved. Federal and regional laws also regulate how violations are handled and the additional requirements that are imposed on the parties involved. Any contract must be taken into account, which specifies what a party pays for the performance of contractual obligations. In other words, one wonders when each party offers something valuable to the other party. Without consideration, there can be no contract. The general regulation of the labour code; additional provisions for workers who are negotiated individually or through collective agreements. Any legal contract may be subject to arbitration, mediation or legal action, but you can include a clause in a contract specifying how to resolve disputes and infringements. With regard to continuing education (deepening qualifications), the employer and the worker can enter into an agreement if the estimated cost of the training is at least 1,700 euros.

However, due to the relatively high costs that should be reimbursed, training cannot be mandatory for the worker. Contractual agreements are part of the business activity. From employment contracts to agreements with suppliers and partners, contracts are legally binding documents that permeate almost every aspect of our professional and private life. In fact, many business owners maintain a lawyer on retainer on any contractual agreement they meet just to make sure it is in their best interest and that the agreement is legal and binding. The agreement should indicate the nature of the costs and the total amount that the worker must repay. The refund clause also applies when workers terminate the employment relationship before the end of the study. The contractual retention period does not exceed 5 years and the maximum cost to be reimbursed can amount to 100% of the total cost invested. If the worker fulfills his commitment to remain active during the agreed period, the amount to be repaid is reduced in proportion. All parties to the agreement must have jurisdiction, i.e. they must be able to enter into a contract by law. The parties can understand that, regardless of the nature of the party, the parties are considered capable only if they understand what they are doing in concluding the agreement. Minors and delusional persons are not considered capable and any contract they sign cannot be imposed by law.

Employers and employees can agree to a repayment clause as part of a “qualification agreement.” The worker works for an agreed period (no more than 5 years) after the end of the training, in order to compensate the employer for the training costs incurred. If the worker decides to terminate the job before the agreed deadline expires, he has the cost of training (up to 100%) to pay it back.