The owner/manager of the park can only ask you to pay a loan if you enter into a written residence contract. The maximum loan is 28 days` rent. At the beginning of your residence, the owner/manager of the park cannot claim more than 14 days` rent in advance. A caravan owner cannot claim more than 28 days of rental fees in advance. If they insist, contact us for advice. If the problem is not urgent, send a notice to your park or caravan owner to the owner of Caravan or Caravan Park. This gives your park or caravan owner 14 days to fix the problem. This form is available from Consumer Affairs Victoria. If the problem is not fixed within 14 days, contact us for a consultation.

If you add specific conditions to a rental or mobile housing agreement, remember that you do not sign a contract under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act). Recently, the RTA has prosecuted real estate agents for such crimes and you will find more information about these cases in the press room of the RTA. Article 1 is the granting of the lease. In addition to the right to occupy the caravan, the tenant has the right to use common areas of the holiday park and communal facilities. Optional formulations may be added when an additional fee is required for the use of the facilities. If any of these rights apply to you, you have legal rights that do not apply to holidaymakers or people who pass through the caravan park. For example, you can insist that your caravan owner must make the necessary repairs. Subject of this article This article this article is aimed at owners of static holiday caravans who are standing on holiday parks and those who are thinking of becoming owners. It will help you find out if the terms of your agreement with the park owner are fair. It does not apply to other types of caravan contracts, such as the .

B residential dwellings that are habitable throughout the year. (You cannot use a caravan in a holiday park as your main or single home.) Caravan Park Manager/Owner is reminded to use the right rental contract and forms for the different types of rentals they may have in their park. You will need a parking space to use a static holiday caravan and therefore the contract will include a contract for the sale of the caravan and a license with permission to use the parking space. If you have any of the above problems, your first step is to ask the owner of the park or caravan to fix it. You don`t need to move before the date on notification, unless you want to. If your park or caravan owner wants you to evacuate, they must first apply to the court for a warrant of possession. It is important that you understand and agree on how long your caravan can stay in the square. Will an annual license be long enough? A short-term licence gives the owner little security, and when it comes to a renewal, the park owner can offer to renew it on less favourable terms. If the park owner wants you to replace your caravan with a newer one, when will it happen? You should ask and keep a note: If you are buying an apartment from a current or former resident, you should seek independent legal advice if you have other rights related to the sales contract if you do not wish to continue with it.