Even though you are at sea, our mentoring team continues to talk to you or help you solve problems at all times. We anticipate that this phase of your training will be a rich and rewarding period, and regardless of your course, we want to help you gain as much experience as possible on a variety of ships. How does a CU-CME cadet qualify for the Shipping/Manning Companies Cadet Program? A cadet refers to a student in marine training who is leading to a bachelor`s degree (BSMT or BSMarE) who must undergo on-board training in order to meet the academic requirements of maritime or technical studies. In accordance with Article II, point f) of the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), naval cadets are included in the definition of a “seaman” as “any person employed or employed on board a ship, or who works in any capacity. This agreement applies.¬†On-board training (OBT) is not credited, no matter how long you stay on board. Its service can be a good learning experience, but it is not taken into account in the one-year enboard training. The cadet, despite his experience on board, cannot obtain his BSMT or BSMarE diploma. The DSTO will endeavour to provide cadets with an appropriate mentor on board to support, encourage cadets, provide an “ear of hearing” and provide appropriate advice and advice on issues and problems that may arise at any time during the maritime phase. Newspapers have reported that a 19-year-old cadet from India was killed on 29 March 2017 aboard a merchant ship in Brussels, Belgium. Earlier, the MS Starlite Atlantic sank on the morning of December 26, 2016 in front of Tingloy in Batangas, due to the onslaught of Typhoon Nina.

14 of the 33 crew members on board the vessel were rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard and 18 others are still missing. There have been eleven (11) students on board since October. The list of documents to download online is listed in the CU-OBT Office online monitoring system. These documents are grouped into pre OBT CV documents, i.e. they contain, but are not limited to training certificates, medical certificates, etc. While on OBT documents download pages TRB, Newspapers, Sea Projects, Masters Declaration of Safe Departure (MDSD) with Crewlist properly certified by Phil. Coast Guard (PCG) and post-OBT Documents Newspapers reported that a major fire aboard Maersk Honam broke out on 6 March 2018 at 15:20 GMT while the vessel was in the Arabian Sea, killing two Filipino cadets from Iloilo. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the cadet (a) to carry out the on-board training program within the allotted time (b) to perform all tasks, tasks, tasks, designated tasks and to comply with the ship`s requirements, rules, directives and procedures; (c) behave in an orderly and respectful manner towards shipmates, passengers, shippers, Stevedores, port authorities and others working with the vessel.

The objective of the agreement is essentially (a) to recognize that the cadet is a student of maritime education and to declare that the cadet is not part of the vessel`s additional work; (b) to allow the cadet to be trained on board the vessel, in accordance with the rules of the Higher Education Commission (CHED) and (c), to ensure the safety and well-being of the cadet during the training until the cadet returns. We believe that it is this experience that allows cadets to make an educated choice about the sector in which they want to start or pursue their careers if they are qualified.