Users propose proposals and vote in favour of automatic adoption proposals as soon as the defined number of them agrees. – Turn on the vote. – Select the desired number of votes for automatic acceptance. Alterado na vero 3.3: Once called quality events, it no longer only configures the proofs. You can download a screenshot showing a specific source sequence used in your program. This helps translators understand where it is being used and how it should be translated. Use the explanation to clarify the scope or use of the translation. You can use Markdown to include links and another marker. The channel`s priority can be changed to provide higher priority strings for earlier translation using the priority flag. Result: 970. Exatos: 970. Tempo de resposta: 243 ms. Optional vote for proposals.

(Can be used as an option by users if they are unsure of a translation by making several suggestions.) – Only engage the vote. Como é que posso transferir as traduées para o Treinador de Vocébulos? You can combine them with acesso Controlo in one of the following configurations: Anyone can add by default suggestions accepted by connected users. The vote on the proposal can be used to use a channel if more users agree, by setting up the configuration of the voting components to activate the vote, and the Autoaccept`s proposals to set a threshold for accepted proposals (including a vote of the user who makes the proposal when it is made). This can be used to logically organize the translation flow. Users propose proposals and vote in favour of proposals, and a small group controls what is accepted. – Turn on the vote. – Turn off automatic reception. – Don`t let users record translations. Desejar acrescentar uma palavra, uma frase or uma traduéo? In addition to checking strings, screenshots have a separate management interface in the Tools menu.

Download screenshots, manually assign them to signal sequences, or use optical character recognition. Improve the translation process with the information available in the translation files. These include a statement, a chain priority, a test floor or a visual context.