Yelp Guarantee: This program offers a guarantee of satisfaction for customers who hire the customer via the website to perform agreed work. When you sign up for this program, the customer is subject to Yelp`s guaranteed terms and conditions. In the event that Yelp`s conditions or guarantee program are terminated, the non-outstanding contract will remain in effect until it is terminated or expires in accordance with its terms. (d) The client will not make press releases or public statements regarding his relationship with Yelp or related companies without Yelp`s prior written consent. The customer authorizes Yelp to list the customer as a representative customer on Yelp`s customer lists, to list advertising, advertising and marketing materials, (b) to display promotional material and the customer logo in Yelp`s online portfolios or other marketing materials; (c) use the customer`s logo in conjunction with its advertising programs and (d) provide general guidance on the results of ads purchased by the customer. The client agrees that Yelp may create portfolio projects on behalf of the client using photos and other information posted online as part of the client`s activity, including Yelp`s business list or the customer`s business site, and display the customer`s logo on his or her business pages (s) and other potentially relevant parts of the site to the extent that it is displayed that is allowed within the scope of the site. this advertising agreement. These conditions apply to advertising programs and services (“ad programs”) that the customer occasionally has with Yelp Inc. (“Yelp”) in conjunction with websites, mobile applications, other third-party properties or as agreed by the parties (together the “website”). These conditions take effect between the parties from the date ad program is purchased through the site, the customer executes an order by signature (written or digital) or by any other expression of the agreement (for example.B. Click on a box, email authorization) (the “effective date”).

Each order is valid from the validity date and remains in effect until the termination in accordance with this section V or under the terms of an order if the order indicates an end date. If an order indicates that it is automatically renewed, the order is extended from one month after the end of the life (as defined) to termination by the Customer, in accordance with the subsections below. Third-party allocation services: This feature allows the customer to access the attribution services provided by the award partner Yelp, which is shown in the order. Yelp Attribution partners use offline online attribution measurement technology to measure the effectiveness of customer advertising programs. The customer may be required to provide his partner Yelp Attribution with certain transaction or store visit data as part of a separate agreement between the customer and such a Yelp Attribution Partner (“customer data”). The Yelp Attribution Partner can assign Yelp`s customer data to advertising and provide an unidentified report to the customer and Yelp, which can be undertaken by anyone to determine and improve the effectiveness of the customer`s advertising programs and their respective business processes. The third-party allocation function is only available as long as a valid agreement between Yelp`s partner and each client or Yelp remains in effect and (ii) the customer meets the eligibility threshold required to perform these allocation services. Purchased ad programs are set out in an online order form, in an order (written or digital) or in another expression of the agreement (z.B. check a box, e-mail authorization) that identifies purchased advertising programs, start and end date, costs incurred, advertising budget and, if applicable, a commitment period (“commitment period”) and other applicable conditions (together the “order”).